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Apr 30 2008

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Irina Spalko’s Soundtrack Theme

irina-spalkoYou can’t actually listen to it yet, as the official Crystal Skull soundtrack isn’t released until May 20th, but a review of John Williams highly anticipated score has been published online.

“Williams depicts musically the character of Irina Spalko (Cate Blanchett), main baddie of this new episode.” - Full Interview

That’s not much to go on, but obviously Agent Spalko will have her very own theme and we’re betting that Williams went out of his way to make it as memorable as the character. By the way, did anyone see the leaked trailer before it was so quickly pulled down today? Was that Spalko jumping out of a tree at Indy against a nightime sky at the very end? I think we can add “extremely athletic” to adjectives like kinky, sultry and dangerous when we discuss her from now on! What do you think?


Apr 25 2008

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Spalko Uses Indy as a Guide

The Nazis are no longer Indy’s chief foe — he’s racing for the Crystal Skull against operatives from the Soviet Union, including Oscar winner Cate Blanchett as the seductive Agent Spalko.


Agent Irina Spalko is sent by leaders of the Soviet Union to uncover the legendery Crystal Skulls which are believed to be the key to an ancient Alien civilisation. Hoping to harness the extra terrestrial weapon for the cold war, Spalko uses Indiana Jones as a guide through the jungles of deepest Peru where they encounter a swarm of Bull Ants, lethal guards of the Temple of Akator and a face from Indy’s past!

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