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Jun 06 2008

Posted by Irina under Agent Spalko Video

The Colonel/Agent/Doctor’s Biggest Fan?

Joel Swanson really, really, really loves him some Irina Spalko. I think we’ve all just been ferociously out-fanned. Part of me wants to applaud him, part of me wants to have him committed. Either way, Irina is impressed and vill buy you a wodka.

Through the course of his homage to our favorite Russian baddie Joel nearly drowns himself in a fishbowl, pool and bathtub, comes close to a beheading and jumps off the roof of his house - all the while his heart beating louder than his well-worn kick drum. Definitely a must-see for the unexpected community that has popped up around Can anybody outfan Joel’s video love testament? On a related note, stay tuned for a fan-art section in the gallery very soon and feel free to send us your own masterpieces.